Descarga los mejores juegos para iPhone segun Apple

Los más vendidos (iTunes USA):

  1. The Sims 3 (EA Games)
  2. The Oregon Trail (Gameloft)
  3. Need for Speed Undercover (EA Games)
  4. Madden NFL 10 (EA Games)
  5. Tiger Woods PGA Tour (EA Games)
  6. Assassin’s Creed: Altair’s Chronicles (Gameloft)
  7. Flight Control (Firemint)
  8. Cooking Mama (Taito)
  9. Civilization Revolution (2K Games)
  10. Wheel of Fortune (Sony Pictures)

Los mejor calificados (iTunes USA):

  1. Spider: The Secret of Bryce Manor (Tiger Style)
  2. Real Racing (Firemint)
  3. Zenonia (Gamevil)
  4. Ravensword: The Fallen King (Gameloft)
  5. Earth vs. Moon Ep. 2: Enter the Perk Shop (Low Five Games)
  6. Sally’s Spa (Games Cafe)
  7. Ragdoll Blaster (Backflip Studios)
  8. Canabalt (Semi Secret Software)
  9. Blades of Fury (Gameloft)
  10. Doom Classic (id Software)

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